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Image 058, second book, folio 30b, receipts 157 (contd) to 165.

The seconde booke.
try this take a stone, & put it into a foxes his bloud 3 dayes & it will breake.
item pellitory* sod* in water, & layde aboute ye yarde* & somewhat above,
delivereth water, & breaketh the stone.
158. For the stone a speciall good medicine.
Seeth* parsly roots well in mylke, & with that milke make a posset**, & doe
away the curde, seeth ye posset ale agayne, skimme it & it will helpe.
159. If you knowe not whether the stone be in ye
bladder, or in the raygnes*.
Boyle henbitt* in water, & drinke the same 3 dayes, & it will destroye the
stone wheresoever it bee: Item seeth 6 garlicke heades in water a good while
& drinke that water 3 dayes, & it will destroy the stone: Item berries of
ivye 8 or 9 brayed* with hot water, & drinke the same, it both breaketh
the stone, & causeth urine.
160. An excellent medicine for ye strangurion*
in younge & olde.
Drinke aquavitae* 3 times a day a spoonefull at once, or more after dinner
or at nighte, with a spoonefull of ale, or alone: if he be old & have hast to
bee delivered, take an instrument called an eruque*, & put ye small end into
the eye of the yarde*, then put aquavitae into ye instrument, & use it as wth
a glyster*, take heede your aquavitae be stilled* by a cannon* of earth or glasse,
& no other vessell, & to be stilled 7 times, that the deade water of it bee
clearely avoyded, & allso his fervent egernes*, this [m?]edicine never fayleth.
161. For the same.
Make small bundles of organon*, seeth them in wine, & lay them hot upon
the raignes.*
162. For payne in the yarde by makeing water.
Take the oyle of red roses, heate it & then anoynte ye sore (i)* the share** & the
raignes with it, then take pellitorye*, cammamill*, & rewe*, boyle them in
white wine, with a litle water, & put ye hearbs in 2 bags, & lay one bagge
very hot upon the share downe to ye yarde, & the other parte to ye raygnes,
& when it cooleth, heate it agayne in that lycor, & use it.
163. For one that cannot holde his water.
Take a sheeps bladder, or a neates* bladder, & so dry it that you can make pouder
thereof, & drinke it with vineger or water, & allso drinke ye braynes of a rosted*
hare, with gallingall* beaten to powder.
For one that pisseth bloude.
Take ambrosye*, & sanguinarye*, or bloudworte*, an handfull, stampe* them, and
temper them with goates milke, or other milke, & drinke it.
165. For one that pisseth his kinde*.
Take greate angell*, twitches*, cut of both the endes, make a stew of them
with pepper, & saffron, & other spices, to make it delicious, use this & it
will helpe: allso take philipendula*, grumwell*, saxifrage*, both the seeds
& the roots, synkefielde*, annis*, maces*, quibibes*, stanmarche*, smallage*
seeds, make a dregge* of these, & use it to eate.
For them yt

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Transcribed by KW and YR