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Image 050, second book, folio 26b, receipts 92 to 98.

The seconde booke
92. For wormes in the hands
Take a pottle* of Smyths water**, 2 handfulls of red sage, 2 [S] of white cop-
orisse*, boyle the sage in the water, bruise ye copporisse, & put it into the
water, then put it into a stone pot, & wash your hands withall, & it will
93. A medicine for a sore or bruise
Take an handfull of sage, an handfull of hearbegrace*, & a handfull of
fetherfewe*, & stampe* them very small, & boyle them with gall*, and lay it
to the bruise.
94. A medicine for ye sickenes, namely ye plague.
Take a red onyon, & cut out the coore, & fill it full of treacle*, & rost it in
the fire, & bruise it & strayne out the iuice*then take an handfull of sor-
rell, & stampe it, & strayne out the iuice, & put thereunto as muche
vineger, as there is sorrell iuice, or rather more, & put both into ye iuice
of the onion, & after it is thus cleane strayned, & put together, give it to ye
patiente to drinke.
95. for ye collicke and stone*
Take reasons* & still* them alone, avens*, & still them alone, beane cods* &
still them alone, unset* leekes & still them alone, saxifrage & still it alone,
then take of all these waters like much, as much good malmesey* as is the
proportion of all these waters, & distill ye waters with the malmsy toge-
ther, with a very softe fyre, & after it is so distilled, let it stande in the
sunne close stopped in a glasse, till the fire be out, then when you bee
greived, take a litle of the water with fine ginger, & drinke it evening
& morninge fastinge.
96. A soveraigne medicine for an ache.
Take May butter* or fresh sweete butter with honye, & boyle them in a
sawcer or dishe, & anoynte the patient before the fire, as hot as he may
abide it, & chafe* it 4 or 5 nights together, & by the grace of God hee
shall bee whole.
97. An Egiptians medicine for ye collicke & stone
Take a quarte of white wine, j oz of cloves and mace, pellitory of ye wall*,
setwell*, avens*, elecampane*, Alexanders*, hartestongue*, liverwort*, wood-
roofe*, a root of pyemont*, gromwell* seeds, & an acorne, seeth** all these
together in the wine, & drinke it 9 mornings hot, allwayes after your
drinke, you must walke an houre or twoe.
98. A note how to make balme water of ye best sort.
Take 2 gallons of strong ale, 2 lb; of balme, a quarter of j lb; of anniseeds,
a quarter of j lb; of lycoris*, & bruise them in a mortar, & put them alltogether
in a pot, & let them stand 12 houres stopt very close, after it hath stood so
longe, still it in a limbecke*, but in any wise you must take heed youre
fyre be not too hot at the firste, save the first halfe of the water by it
selfe, for that

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