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Image 049, second book, folio 26a, receipts 85 (contd) to 91.

The Seconde booke Fo 26
Liber 2
Take venicreeke*, seeth** it well in water tyll it be thicke, then take as much
lynseed, stampe* it well in a mortar, temper it with water, & grind it well,
& when it is well grounde, then take ye venicreke, & ye lynseede, & fresh sheeps
tallowe*, doe it in a panne, & wet it well together, then doe it on a cloth all abroad**
with a slice, & lay it all about the sore, & bynde it faste, & let it ly to all nighte,
& if neede bee, chaunge it three or fowre times, & it shall doe it awaye, or
gather it to a boyle.
86. For a burne or skaldinge.
Take rosen*, waxe, hogs grease, sheeps sewet, of each like quantity, boyle
all these together as long as any skyme* will arise, & then put in a bigger
quantitye of sallet* oyle then of any of the other, & let it boyle but a litle
after the oyle is in, then put it into a pot or boxe, & so keepe it, when you
use it, you must anoynt ye sore wth a feather, & lay a prime rose* leafe over
the sore.
87. To make milke water for any heate in ye face.
Take 8 egges layd in vineger untill the shells be consumed, so take ye eggs
out of the vineger, & pricke them that you may have the white from ye yolke,
then take 12 lemmons, & pill* of the skinnes from them, then take beane flow-
ers an handfull, an handfull of planten*, an handfull of honysuckells, an
handfull of dayseyes*, an handfull of wilde tanseye**, & an handfull of femy-
torye*, & put them all together with a potle* of new mylke into a still*.
88. For one that is broken*.
Take 1 lb of an hearbe that is called dechesarm alias haresfoot*, & bruise
it, & seeth it in 4 lb weight of alligant*, till it be halfe wasted, & let the
patient be hard trussed, & for the more part keep his bed, for ye space of
three weeks, so that he be not forced to strayne himselfe, & let him drinke
thereof morninge & eveninge, & he shall be whole.
89. For an itche.
Take 2 oz of quickesilver*, & let it be very well killed with fasting spittle*,
then take as much fresh greace as a wallnut or more, then mingle them
well together, & strike it upon a lyste*, & sow it round about the middle,
& so let it remayne for ye space of 9 or 10 dayes.
90. An other for ye same.
Take red docke roots* & wash them cleane, & dry them, then take ye middle
pill* & stampe it fine, & mingle it with fresh greace, then grind them very
fine together, & mingle therewith the powder of pepper, & anoynte ye pty
agaynst ye fire 2 or 3 times, & lap a warme sheete aboute him.
91. For ye heate of the liver.
Take harts tongue*, & liverworte*, of each an handfull, of the best ruberbe*
two drams, & seeth* them in a quarte of the best worte*, & drinke therof
eveninge and morninge.
For wormes

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Transcribed by YR and KW