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Image 048, second book, folio 25b, receipts 78 (contd) to 85.

The seconde booke
a cloth & set it on the fire agayne, & put thereunto 2 drams of oyle
of spyke*, & so let it boyle a small while, then take it of, & put it into a
stone pot, & occupy it as you shall have neede.
79. To breake the stone*
Take pellitory of the wall*, saxifrage seedes, parsly seeds, grommell**
seeds, bruise them all together, & seeth * them in white wine, from a potle**
to a quarte, & drinke it morninge & eveninge luke warme.
80. To lose the stone
Take j ? of the oyle of cammamyll*, j ? of the oyle of scorpion** myxe
them together & anoynte ye place where the payne is when you go to bed,
& chafe* it with your handes untill it be dryed in, if it be winter, have a
chafeing dish* & coales, & chafe it tyll it be dryed in, use it about 6 nightes.
81. A present remedy for ye coughe.
Take an handfull of wilde tanseye*, a quarter of an ? of cinamen** & sugar
eyther of sugar candye, or of other sugar, & seeth them in a quart of ???*
worte, from a quart to a pinte, & drinke it evening & morninge.
82. To make a good water for all sike* folke called a quintizan**.
Take two gallons of muscadine or malmese 1 ? of dates, 1 ? of reasens* of ye
sunne*, 1 ? of nutmegs, 1 ? of mace, 1 ? of annisseeds, 1 ? of coriander
seeds, 1 ? of licoris, ? of cinamon, ? of senye*, then take ye dats
& reasons, & cut them small, & bruise the spice, & put them all into the
muscadine, & so put them into a brasse pot, & still them with a lymbecke*
upon a moderate fire, & when ye water waxeth whiter at the last then
at the firste, then take no more of it, after that take j lb alepacatrina*
& beate it small & put it into ye water.
83. A good salve incarnative*
Take of waxe di a lb, of May Butter* di a lb, & set it on ye fire, then take an
handfull of planten, di m of ribworte, di m of brookelime, 2 m valerian*,
di of elder leaves, when they be greene, cut them small & seeth them all
together with the waxe & butter till it be ready to strayne it, & put it into
dishes, or make small cakes of it as you lyste*.
84. To make a seare cloth*
Take 4 lb of fayre molten swines grease, & when it is hot put thereunto three
quarters of j lb of rozen*, & when it is molten put thereunto 3 quarters of lb
of yellowe waxe shred small, & when it is molten, take ye pot from ye fire, &
put thereunto a quarter of j lb; turpentine, & stirre it well till it waxe colde,
then take ye whites of 12 egges well beaten, & put ye gleere* of the egges
thereunto by litle & litle allwayes stirring it till it be colde, & when it shal be
used, take a fayre linnen cloth & melte it, & wet the cloth therein, & lay it to
the grieved place, in winter warme, in summer colde.
85. A plaster or pultisse for a rankeinge*,
or swellinge.
Take venicreeke*,

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Transcribed by KW and YR