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Image 047, second book, folio 25a, receipts 69 to 78.

The Seconde booke fo 25
Liber 2
69 An other for ye same
Good wormeseed* beaten fine & eaten in milke, & fast 3 howres after it, allso
ye oyle of savene* is good, if you anoynte ye belly therewithe, allso ye pouder of [???]
aloes* eaten fastinge at ye riseing of ye sun is good for the same.
70. For sore eyes.
Take rotten apples, & still* them & wash the eyes with ye water thereof, this
water allso is good for ye face.
71.For the same
Take the stone called Lapis calemonaris*, you shall have it at ye apothecaries,
& burne it 8 times in the fire, & as oft quench it white wine, & wash the eyes
therewith, & it will helpe them.
72. For red & sore eyes
Take red fennell & let it lye in running water in a pewter porringer* a day
& a night, & it will bee good two dayes to wash the eyes withall.
73. For sore & runnning eyes.
Take tuittie it is a gray stone at ye apothecaries, temper* it with capons grease
& rosewater, put the quantity of a barly corne into the eyes.
74. For him that is poysoned with meate or drinke & swelleth.
Take hearbe grace* & stampe it & strayne it & drinke the iuice** thereof, &
it will helpe. Probatum est*.
75. An other for the same.
Take an ? of sallot oyle*, & drinke it & it will helpe allso.
76. To make a blacke salve for a wounde or bruise
+2Take j lb of unwroughte* waxe, j ? of libanum**, 4 ? of stone pitch, a pint
of sallet oyle*, a pinte of turpentine, 2 handfull of rosemary tops, j hand-
full of planten* leaves, one handfull of butson** leaves, let the pouders
be beaten groose*, & beate the hearbes allso, & streyne the hearbes, & putte
them alltogether in a panne, & set them upon a soft fire of coles still stirringe
it, & this must be made in Maye, June, or Julye, it must seeth* till it be halfe
wasted, then put it into a pot or boxe, it will last two yeares it must be refre-
shed betweene the dressinge with the oyle of roses.
77. To make the oyle of roses.
Take a quarte or more of rose buds, & plucke them & lay them a dryinge be-
tweene 2 fine linnen clothes, in ye sunne one day or two, stirring & shakeing
them twise or thrise a daye, then put them into a glasse, & put hereunto as
much sallet oyle* as will serve them, so let the glasse, oyle & roses stand in
the sunne, whereas no water may come to it 3 or 4 monthes, & shake the
glasse every weeke, & so it will come to his right perfection, & this oyle by
using of it thus, shall be better then anye that you shall buy at ye apothecaries,
for the sunne doth perfecly* purifye it.
78. To make a salve.
Take 3 ? of virgin waxe, 3 ? of rosen*, 2 ? of perrosen**, 2 ? of libanu
j ? & an halfe of turpentine, 3 ? of ye best oyle oliffe*, 2 drams of caphire
beate them into powder that may be beaten, then boyle all these together
in an earthen panne, & when they be well boyled strayene them through
a clothe &

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Transcribed by YR and KW