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Image 043, second book, folio 23a, receipts 47 (contd) to 50.

The seconde booke .fo. 23
Liber 2
seeth*, not drye, & after that it hath this kind of seethinge, cast it all into a
jelly bagge, or in a strayner, save the bones, that ye licor away drayne*
from it without compulsion, & immediately it will be in a jellye, & yt
done seeth it upon the fire agayne, in an other vessell, & clarify it so
purely that there be no manner fat seene upon it, & then give ye patient
three or fowre spoonefull warme to drinke, & as oft as he can to receive
it, & by the grace of God hee shall recover.
48 For one that hath surfected*, & cannot dygeste.
Take the bottome of a wheaten loafe, & tost it at the fire till it be very
browne, & harde: then take a good quantitye of Aquavitae*, & powre it upon
the same toste, & put it in a single linen cloth. & lay it at ye breaste of
the patient all nighte, & with the helpe of God, he shall recover, for
hee shall eyther vomyt, or purge the same.
49. To heale a white scale*.
Take of the after burden* of a woman burned & beaten to pouder, &
the marye* bone of a shoulder of mutton burned & beaten to pouder, of
each like quantitye, & temper it with boares grease, & make it somewhat
stiffe into a bale, then take ye patient & pull out ye hares yt groweth
in the scale by the rootes, then take ye furre of ye chamber bole*, yt is stale,
& first rubbe harde & annoynte ye scalle therewith, & after with the
oyntement before written, & as you shall see it begin to heale, so forbeare
the often dressing of it, first dresse it everye 2 dayes a weeke or twayne,
and oftener as you by good discretion shall see occasion, & this shal heale
it by Gods helpe.
50. To make a soveraigne medicine for ye plague or any other
infectious disease that doth oppresse ye hart or stomache.
Take rewt, eyrimenye, wormewood, sellondine*, sage, balme, rosemarye,
mugworte, dragons*, pympernell, fetherfewe, burnet, sorrell, & a little
of the roote of elacampanye* s[?]apte & shred small, & you must have as
much more rosemarye as of anye of the other hearbes, & you must save
of each of the hearbes like waighte, then soke them in a pottle* of the beste
white wine you can get 3 dayes & 3 nightes, then wringe out ye hearbes
from the wine, & still ye wine by it selfte, & this water that cometh of ye wine,
is very good for all agues*, but the water of the herbes distilled, & mingled
with a litle treacle or mithredatum*, & given to the patient, shall drive
any sicknes from ye harte, now if ye patient be infected with ye plague,
& if he keepe it after he hath taken it, he is like to recover by ye grace
of God, but if he vomit it up he is in greate daunger: cause ye patient
if he may walke after he hath taken it an howre: This medicine hath
bene proved.
51. To make unguentum album*.
Take neates oyle* as much as you lyste, & put it in a cleane basin, stirre it
allwayes with a knife or a slice, & sprinkle thereupon vineger, untill the
oyle be fayre & cleare, the 4 parte of as much vinegar, as of the oyle,
then take litarge* of leade stamped small, & boulte** it through a cloth into
the oyle

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Transcribed by YR and KW