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Image 042, second book, folio 22b, receipts 45 (contd) to 47.

The seconde booke
cleane clarified honye, & put all these together in a fayre earthen pot glased,
then take an hartes horne*[*], & cut away the upper rind, & shave the white of
the hartes horne to the quantity of a cupfull, & cast it into the pot & let it
boyle all together, untill it be as thicke as pappe*, & stire it well, & when
it is colde take thereof, & anoynte ye place often where ye ach is, without any
fire, & rubbe the place well with your hands, & use this 9 dayes together,
& it will helpe you, but beware in any wise, that you make no stronge
fire under your pot, & let your fire be made of the best charre coales,
for that is beste, & will seeth* it easlye.
46. For one that hath no taste in meate nor drinke.
Take a pottle* of cleare water, & a good handfull of dandalyon, & put it into
an earthen pot & seeth it tyll* it come to a quarte, & then take out the hearbes,
& put therein a good quantity of fine white sugar, tyll yee thinke it
somewhat pleasaunte, & then put it into a vessell wherein it may coole,
& then take 20 or 30 allmondes, blaunch them & beate them in a mortar,
& when the water is colde, put it to ye allmonds, & then put it into a cleane
ipocrasse* bagge, & let them come through without any compulsion, &
if it happen to be thicke, put the same licor into the bagge, & let it runne
agayne, & keepe it in a vessell, & let it be drunke at all times, when it
shall please the patiente.
47. A medicine for one beinge in weakenes of nature in
avoyding ye daunger of a consumption followeinge.
First prepare an earthen pot of 2 gallons filled with fayre water, & put
into the same pot a well fleshed capon, or a cocke, a shoulder of veale, &
a legge of beefe hewen into small pieces, & so to be set on ye fire, and
after the skimminge of the same pot, within ye space of an howre after
there will arise a greate fat, which must be taken awaye, & then take
parselye, & standmarch*, of fennell no more but the roots, of each five
handfull, & cut them rounde in small pieces of an inch longe, allso five
brannches of rosemarye, 5 leaves of harts tongue, 2 handfull of stiche-
worte, langdebeeffe, burrage, speryminte, sowthystell*, sorrell, danda-
lyon, violet leaves, of each an handfull, a quantity of hysop*, & after
these hearbes be cleane washed, & myxte one with another, thou stuffe
the capon with the same herbes, as full as it can conveinently receive, &
the residue binde in a bundle to be boyled in the same pot, wth the cleane
crust of a manchet*, then take halfe a pounde of greate reasons**, a quarter
of a pound of small reasons, 7 or 8 dates cleane washed & shred, halfe
a quarter of an ? of whole maces bounde in a clothe, a quantity of ye pouder
of saffron, 20 duckats or crusados*, or a wedge of golde of 3 or 4 ounces,
boyle all these together with the flesh untill ye broth be as clammye in
your handes as honye or worte, which cannot be done in lesse space then 4
houres, & the pot must be still fylled up with warme water, yt ye clothe
seeth not dry

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Transcribed by KW and YR