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Image 041, second book, folio 22a, receipts 36 (contd.) to 45.

The seconde booke fo.22
Liber 2
or else take them with vinegar, or easell*, & strayne it through a cloth, &
put it in his mouthe, or else take ye iuice* of hownds tongue** rootes, & let
him drinke it, & hee shall speake righte well.
37. To staunch ye bleeding of a wounde.
Take an houndestoorde*, & lay it on an hot role, & binde it thereunto & it
shall staunche bleedeinge: or els burne long wormes & make pouder of it*
& cast it on ye wounde, & it will staunch bleedeinge, & staye ye running of
humors to the wounde, or take ye eare of an hare & make pouder thereof
& cast it on ye wounde, & it will staunch bleedeinge.
38. For spitting bloud by a fall or bruise.
Take betanye*, vervayne**, nosebleede, & fiveleaved grasse, of eache like
muche, & stampe* them in a mortar, & wringe out the iuice of them, and
put to the iuice of them as much goats milke, & let them seeth* together,
& let him that is hurte drinke of that drinke 7 dayes together, in the
waxeinge of the moone, & let him drinke allso osmonde*, & cumfry** wth
stale ale, & hee shall bee whole.
39. To know whether one having ye fluxe may live or not.
Take j id wayghte of towne cresse sodde*, & give it him to drinke with wine
or water, & doe this 3 dayes, & if it cease he shall live with the helpe of
medicine, if it cease not he shall dye.
40.To helpe him that spitteth bloude.
Take the iuice of betonye, & temper* it wih good milke, & give ye sicke
to drinke 4 dayes, & hee shall be whole.
41. For a woman in travell with childe.
Take & give her in the morninge dittany* to drinke, & shee shalbe delive-
red without perill, or els give her hysop* with hot water or wine, & shee
shalbe deliverd with childe though it be deade or rotten, & annon* when
shee is delivered give her the same without wine: or binde ye herbe mryetill*
to her nostrells, & shee shalbe soone delivered: or else take polypodium*,
& stampe it & lay it upon the womans foote in manner of a plaister,
& shee shalbe delivered quicke or deade*, or els give for to drinke saverye**
with hot water & shee shalbe delivered by ye grace of God.
42. To stanch blood in a veine.
Take rewe* & seeth** it in water, & after stampe it in a mortar, & lay it on the
vayne, then take lambes wooll, that was never washed. & lay it thereon
& it shall staunch bloude.
43. For a vayne evill smytton.
Take beanes & pill* away the blacke, & seeth them well in vinegar, & laye
them on the vayne hot in manner of a playster.
44. For one that pysseth bloude.
Seeth garlicke* in water till the third parte be wasted awaye, & let him
drynke of the water, & hee shalbe whole.
45. For an ache in the huckle*, or in other places.
Take a quarte of bastarde*, a pynte of oyle oliffe**, a good sawcer full of
cleane clarified

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Transcribed by YR and KW