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Image 039, second book, folio 21a, receipts 24 (contd) to 29.

The seconde booke fo. 21.
Liber 2.
Take a lapfull of the rootes & leaves of betonye*, & washe them cleane &
stampe them, as small as green sauce, & put thereunto a gallon of good ale,
& stirre them well together & strayne it through a clothe, & then seeth it
& skimme it cleane, & then take it from the fire, & put thereunto a pint
of claryfied honye, & halfe a pennyworth of the powder of pepper & as
much graynes, & then boyle it agayne a litle, & stirre it till it be colde
& keepe it close in a glasse & use it firste & laste.
25. A medecine for all manner swellings of ye belly, of ye raignes*,
of ye dropsye, or for the water betweene ye skinne, & ye fleshe.
Take the shaveings of glovers leather, & seeth* it in water till it bee
thicke as it were glewe, & lay it on a clothe, & put it on the swelling:
or seeth horehounde* in seawater or brine, & laye it on ye swellinge, & it
will doe awaye the olde swelling & the newe.
26. For the bone ache.
Take brokelime*, smallage*], & bearesworte*, alias dayses, with fresh sheeps
sewet, & frye them together, & make of them a playster, & laye it to the
sore all hot.
27. A salve for all sores
Take turpentine, oyle olyffe, rosen*, bollen waxe*, deares sewet, or sheeps
sewet, of everye of them as you shall thinke good, of each like much. then
take smallage, buglosse, ragworte, planten, & orphe[?], of everye of them
an handfull, & cut them small, & seeth them all in the foresayde stuffe
abovewritten, then let it boyle over a softe fire, allwayes stirringe it
till it be well mingled together, & ye greenes gone, & when you thinke
it well, take it of the fire, & strayne it through a stronge canvas bagge
or clothe: & this salve is for all sores, to heale them, on warrentise*.
28. To make one to make water (1) to pisse.
Take rosemarye, parselye, & margerome of each an handfull, of time
as muche, of ivye groweinge on the wall & maydenheare, of eache 5 hand-
full, philupendula*, pellitorye, browne fennell, mowseare*, ruds alias
marygoldes, motherworte*, hartestonge* of each 3 handfull, an handfull of
red sage, of saxifrage 9 handfull, still all these together & put ye water
in a glasse, & set it in ye sun as you doe other waters, ye shall take this
water in white wine wth ginger, 2 houres before ye patiente arise in the
29. Oyle of swallowes for sinnews that are shruken.
Take 20 yonge swallowes out of the neste, & put them quicke into a mortar,
& put thereunto lavendercotten*, & spyke*, knot grasse*, rybworte*, balme, verven*,
rosemarye toppes, the tops of woodbine, ye strings of vines, French mallows,
the tops of alecost*, strawbery strings, tutsan*, planten, wallnut leaves, ye
tops of yonge bayes, hysop, vyolet leaves, sage of vertue*, fine Romayne*
wormewoode, cammamyll, & red roses of each 2 handfull, of cloves beaten
fresh butter is better. small 2 [Z:]: a quarte of neates foote oyle: all these must be beaten together
in a mortar with the swallowes, & then put them in an earthen pot & let it
stand under ye

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Transcribed by JW and LF