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Image 037, second book, folio 20a, receipts 10 to 16.

The seconde booke. fo. 20.
Liber. 2.
it, & it will runne muche, & you shall have more plentye of oyle if you fill
baggs with allmonds stamped, & then lay them under hot dishes or sand,
betweene cloths, & afterwards presse them.
10. The vertue of the oyle of sweete almondes.
This oyle doth mollifie the roughnes of the throate & the hardnes and
drynes of the longues*, & of all the inward parts, it healeth cosumptions,
it increaseth seed in men, it asswageth the heate of the matrix*, & of ye
privye parts of a woman, & allso the heate of the raignes*, & allso of
the bladder if it be layde to the place.
11. A medecine for ye coughe.
Take a quarter of a lb; of allmondes, & blanch them in a skillet, of faire
runninge water warme, with an handfull of violet leaves, 2 or three
leaves of burrage, an handfull of savorye, 2 or 3 leaves of buglasse,
& if it bee in winter take the rootes of the sayd hearbes, then take a hand-
full of greate reasens* the stones taken out, & 2 spoonefulls of any seeds
bruised in a mortar, & 2 spoonefulls of fennell seedes bruised, & 2 sticks
of licores* sliced & bruised, all these you must seeth** together a good while,
& stampe* your allmonds with the sayd water, that done put a litle sugar
thereto, & so drinke it evening & morninge, & by the grace of God it
shall make you well.
12. A medecine for the raignes of ye backe.
Take housleeke* & stampe it, & strayne it, & then dippe a fine clothe
therein, & laye it to the raignes of your backe, and it shall ease you.
13. An other for the same.
Take a water flower leafe, that groweth broade in ye river*, and
pricke it with manye prickes with a knife, & put it in a fayre linnen
clothe, & lay it to ye raignes of your backe, & it will ease you.
14. An other for ye same.
Take a spoonefull of saunders* drye beaten, & a sawcer full of vineger,
& a sawcer full of rosewater, & put them all three together, & beate
them well with a spoone, & then you must cut a peice of cloth fashi-
oned like an harte 2 handfull broade, & dippe it in ye stuffe aforesaid,
& warme it a litle at ye fire, & lay it on ye side that your harte is on,
& binde it with a cloth for fallinge downe, & ever as it dryethe,
dippe it & laye it to agayne.
15. A medecine for ye ache in ye rigge*.
Take egrymonye, & mugworte* both leaves & rootes, & stampe them wth
olde boares greace, & temper it wth honye, & wth easell*, & lay it to ye backe.
16. For a stiche
Take roses & cammomyll of each an handfull & oyle of roses & oyle
of cammomyll, of both together a sawcerfull, & a quantitye of barlye
flower, & boyle all these together in milke, & then take a lynnen bag
& put it therein, & lay this playster as ho hot as you may suffer it,
where the

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Transcribed by JW and LF