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Image 036, second book, folio 19b, receipts 6 to 9.

The seconde booke.*
Take the blood of a drake, of a ducke, of a goose, & the blood of a kid, of the
iuice*of wilde rewe, of fennell, dyll, naven** 3 ? , the rootes of Gentium
tryfoyle, squintum, frankencense, & dry roses 3 ?, white pepper,* long
pepper, costvalerian, annis, & cynamon 3 ?, myrrhe, spikenarde * 6 ?,
benison*, Asarabacca, amoniacum j ounce, 3 ? of mace, agricke 2 ?,
of the seede of balme j scruple, j dramme of flowerdeluce*, saffron and
masticke j ?, of sticados * j ? : make fine powder of all these, & put
to all these as much honye, as of the other: & make a mixtion
7. An other composition wch ye sayd Mithridates * used.
Take storax catamita j ? , a dramme of cloves, spikenarde,* ye wood of
balme, orobus, lovage, ye gumme targatum, masticke, galbaum, sandricke,*
the sweete of Aspalatus*, of the otters stones, which the apothecaries call
castoreum*, the gumme of ive, Edelium, terafeminamelilotum, ye gumme of
lady opoponax, anemoniarum, unsleaked brimstone, licoris, saltpeter,*
hypoticis*, acalia, germander, St Johns worte, Suthenwood, pyonye,
hysop, orgamum, olycampana, the leaves of saven, ye leaves of ye Baye *
tree, aristolorhia longe, the flowers of Lime, wormeseede, rosemarye,*
centorye, the lesse shot [??] holm*, ye flowers of the wilde pomegarnet, the
seedes of radish, the seedes of balme, the seeds of Annis, get henbane,
fennell, cardemoneum*, silvermontan**, white mustard seede, parsely seed,
white poppye, smallage, yellowe carrets, clarye, longe pepper, bassell,*
amoneum of each one ownce, gladean* , ye common Bosswins**, nuts, capers,
the flowers of Tutsan *, 2 lb of the iuice of balme, the iuice of ye mirrhe
tree, cinamon, saffron, costquinatum, ginger,* solemu Judicum**, And in ye
steade of cloves or spikenarde, turpentine washed fine, frankencense,*
Cassiafestula, agaricke, Spica Romana, flowerdeluce, Asarabacca, Dittan,*
horehounde, ye inner rine of colloquintida, sticados, mugworte, pellitorye*
of Spayne, grounde pinne, blacke pepper, white pepper,sweete dew*
cresses, synkefoyle, of each one ownce, of bay berries one scruple,*
6 gallons of strong olde wine, & one ownce of honye.
8. A confection of suger, & veneger.
Take maydenheare, harte tongue, liverworte, violett, fennell, knee holme,*
spinage, stichworte, * of each a small quantitye, make it of this fashion,
lay your hearbes & rootes in the iuice* of pomegranets, by the space of 3
dayes, upon the 4 day boyle them a litle, & strayne them well, afterward
put thereunto as much sugar as will suffice, then seeth them till they
shall be thicke.
9. The oyle of the sweete almondes.
Take almondes & blanch them, take away allso ye inner rinde, then stampe
them & presse them so that the oyle may issue forth & if you seethe it
agayne in a vessell set it in an other by ye space of an howre, then presse
it, & it will

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Transcribed by LF and JW