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Image 352, second book, folio 19a, title and receipts 1 to 6

The seconde booke. fo.19
Liber 2
Heere beginneth a true copye of such medecines wherewth
Mris Johan Ownsteade daughter unto ye worshipfull
Mr John Olliffe alderman of London hath cured and
healed many forlorne & deadlye diseases:——-
1. For a sore breaste to rotte* it
Take groundes of the strongest ale you can get, & crummes of leavened
breade & and red rose leaves dryed & boyle it till it be thicke, then take it of
the fire, & worke it with 8 spoonefulls of sallet oyle* & chaunge it 3 times
a daye, & it will rot it, breake it, drawe it & heale it.
2. To heale the same
Take the iuice* of smallage*, & wheate flower*, the yelke* of an egge, & a
little honye, boyle all these together upon a chafeing dish & coales till it
be thicke & so implaster*[*] it, & this shall both drawe & heale it fayre,
but you must tente* it with the salve to keepe it open so long as you can.
3. A present remedye agaynste the dropsie & all swellings
whatsoever they bee, it doth asswage the payne in the
synnewes*, it provoketh urine, & causeth a man to be
laxative, & cureth the payne in the raynes* that
cometh by colde.——————————
Take of the oyle of roses 20 ?, of white ??? 5 ?, of the berries of
Dwall* 8 ?, of white breade 4 ?, of common leade made into powder
2 ?, of trouches* a kinde of leade 2 ?, of frankencense 2 ?, make
those simples into powder, then seeth the juice of dwall with the oyle of
roses untill the juice be consumed, then mingle the waxe with ye pouders
& beate them in a mortar, & make your oyntemente.
4. An oyntemente for scalles*.
Take swines greace* 5 ?, of the oyle of bayes or of the bay tree j ?,
of quickesilver sleked* j ?, of waxe washed j ?, of frankencense made
into powder j ?, of masticke* j ?, of salte 8 ?, of the juice of planten* as
much as you will judge may suffice: make it after this fashion, set ye
juice on the fire with the waxe, the oyle of the bay tree & swines greace, &
let them all boyle till they bee melted then put thereunto youre salte,
frankencense & your masticke, & boyle them all till yor juice be consu-
med, then take it from ye fire: & put thereunto your quickesilver
sleeked, & so use it.
5. An oyntement for children
Take of washed turpentine 4 ?, of washed butter 2 ? of salte j ? of
the oyle of roses j ?, of ye juice of pomecitrone* & ye yelkes of 3 eggs,
mingle all these together & use it.
6. A composition which ye king Mithradates* did use.
Take the bloode

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