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Image 351, first book, folio 18b, receipts 76 to 79

The firste boke
till you use it.
A good medicine for the stone. 76.
Take a good quantity of reasons* & still them in a limbecke** of glase in balneo**,
& drinke three spoonfulls thereof.
Another for ye same. 77.
Take the roote of primeroses, dry them and make them into powder & drinke
thereof as much as will lye upon a peice of 6d, and it will helpe you.
An other for the same. 78.
Take the hearbe called hartes tongue*, & plucke out the heares** in ye ribbes,
then boyle it in sweete water till 3 parts bee consumed, then take one
parte thereof, & 2 partes of good malmesye, & drinke it of for it is of
greate force agaynste ye stone, in ye raines*: and agaynst all inwarde griefes.
A spetiall* water for ye stoppinge of ye stomacke, and
hardenes of the melte*, slownes of concoction** & disge-
stion*, comeing of rawe & rotten flegme**, and so moste
excellent agaynste the collicke of the stomacke, & for
such as cannot retayne theire meate throughe the
imperfection, slippernes of ye same, as also againste
poysoninge, to kill ye force thereof, being taken in
time, called of ye Arabians (of an olde confection of
theire aqua*) Athanasya**. ———-79.
Take 2 gallons of the strongest ale you can get, wherein you must boyle
these things followeinge: first 3 handfulls of the purest myntes* you can
get, as much sweete margerame gentle*, & 2 handfulls of hyssop, & a handfull
of pennyroyall, beate these together, & let them steepe in your ale 24 howrs
close covered, then put into your ale j lb of licorise* well scraped and
somewhat bruised: j lb of anniseeds well bruised, and serced*, & of maces well
bruised 2 ?, of yzios* bruised 3 ?, of treacle of the meanest 4 ?, of dried
saffron one drame & groate weighte, & stirre all these together: & when
they have all stayed together 24 howres, boyle them on a gentle fire, for
one howres space, & then withdrawe your fire, & let it coole a little, & then
set on your limbecke, & lute* it rounde with paste, & drawe it with a gentle
fire, keeping it with colde water & wet lynnen* cloths, And the firste
pinte is most excellente.
This farre concerninge the noble countesse
of Oxeforde her medecines.
Heere beginneth a true

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