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Image 034, first book, folio 17b, receipts 67 to 72.

The firste booke.
& then put in a quarter of a pinte of veneger & let it boyle an other
houre & stirre it all the while: & to knowe when it is boyled enough
take a sawcer of water, & take the sticke that you stirre it withall and
let it droppe into the water: And if it be hard when it is in the water
then it is sodden* enoughe: you must take heede of the fire in making of it
& that you have a panne ready to cover the same with: If you take not
good heede unto it, it will be soone set on fire in the makeinge.
To make a glyster*. 68.
Take mallowes 2 handfulls, as much violet leaves, as much branne, boyle
them in a pottle* of water till 3 partes be consumed, then put in 2 yelkes of
egges new layd & beaten fine, then streyne the licor & when it is streined,
put into that licor 3 ounces of butter & so minister* that same as warme as
the patient can suffer it.
For an ache. 69.
Take sage, rewe, of each j lb, of wormewood di j lb, & of bay leaves as much,
three lb of sweete sheepes tallowe, & beate every thing by it selfe, & then
mince the tallowe small, & medle them all together, both the sewet & the
herbes, till there bee no white of the tallowe seene & then put it into a faire
earthen pot, & put thereunto a pottle of the best oyle oliffe*, & meddle all
together & then binde the pot close, & let it stande 9 dayes, & then boyle
it, & strayne it, & so anoynte the parte that the ache is in, by an hot fire
& wrappe it warme with hot clothes.
To breake a fellon*. 70.
Take verges* & wheate branne, & boyle them together till they be verye
thicke, & lay it rounde & upon the fellon, till it be broken, & then tente it
& heale it with the greene salve nexte followeinge.
A salve very good for a newe or an old wounde. 71.
Take rewe, sage, mallowes, planten, hemblocke, dockes, selfeheale* or
tutson, comferye, valerian *, of each of these a good handfull, beate them
together very fine, & small, then take of sheepes sewet, or deares sewet,
unwroughte waxe, & rozen* beaten small to pouder, of each of these j lb then
boyle them together in a panne till they be hot, then put them to the sayde
hearbes, & let them boyle together a good while stirring them wth a sticke,
& after take all the confection & strayne it through a course clothe, yt is whole
& stronge into a quarte or pinte of white wine, & let it stand till it bee
colde, then you shall have thereof a perfecte salve which you may make
into rowles, as you thinke good, but if the sore bee corrupted, with deade
fleshe, boyle the sayde salve & put thereunto a quantitye of roch allome
with a linnen dipped therein anoynte the sore & after make a playster
of the same, & lay to the sore.
For a sore breaste. 72.
Take 4 ? of lynseede

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Transcribed by LF and JW