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Image 033, first book, folio 17a, receipts 60 to 66.

The first booke fo.17.
Liber 1
thereof is good for this disease.
For ye cake* or hardnes under ye side. 60.
Take a handfull of sorrell, as much chickeweede, as much lettice, as
much houseleeke, & stampe* them together & wringe out the iuice**, &
take as much oyle of roses & mixte them together & warme it upon
a chafeing dish of coales & wet a linen cloth & lay it to the side as
hot as the patient can suffer it, & when it is colde, warme it agayne
& lay to as afore: & thus serve him often & it will helpe him:
To make a suppositorye. 61.
Take the yelke* of a egge poured out of the thin skinne & put thereunto
white salte & stirre them together till they be thicke, & put thereunto
6 drops of sallet oyle, & of this ingredience make 4 suppositories, & bind
every of them in a lin linnen cloth, & cut of the cloth, by ye cloth, and
wet it in a litle oyle & put it into your fundamente.
A playster for the swelling of ye stomacke. 62.
Take a quantitye of cammamyll & as much rewe* as much worme-
woode, you must take the flowers of cammamyll or else the oyle of
cammamyll, & stampe the flowers & hearbes, & put thereunto twoe
sawcers full of oyle oliffe & 3 sawcers full of malmeseye*, & set them
over a softe fire untill ye malmesye be consumed, & when you shall
occupye it, heate it bloud warme & anoynte your stomacke & sides
evening & morninge, & lay theeon fine wooll after your anoynteinge.
For ye stone & strangurye*. 63
Take the iuice*[*] of saxifrage, & drinke it wth rye malmesye, or draw
a water if saxifrage or of the seedes thereof & use them: for cer-
taynelye, it will breake the stone.
To destroy an imposthume*. 64.
Take the flowers of maydenheare* that groweth amongst the wheate,
& drye it by the weather & make thereof powder, & drinke it with
ale, or else eate it with pottage, & it shall avoyde ye said imposthume,
beneath or else above or warrentice*.
To avoyde winde out of ye stomacke. 65.
Take of commyn* & bay salte* like much, & sowe it in canvas mattrice* wise,
& heate it, & lay it to the stomacke as hot as you may suffer it.
A drinke for the fever. 66.
Take succerye*, sorrell, violet leaves, white endiffe*, planten*, dandalyon,
& sinkefoyle* of each an handfull, 2 stickes of licorisse, an handefull of
annyseedes* , and handfull of greate reasons* ye stones picked out, 6 figs
cleane washed, seeth all these in a pottle* of running water tyll it cometh to
a quarte, then strayne it, & drinke it cold in the heate.
To make a seere* cloth wch is the blote** salve. 67.
Take a pottle of sallet* oyle, j lb & a quarter of pure red leade, & j lb & a quarter
of the best white leade, & seeth* these 3 together, by the space of an howre,
& then put in

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Transcribed by JW and LF