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Image 032, first book, folio 16b, receipts 53 to 59.

The firste booke
For the stone. 53.
Take the seede of annis, carrawaye, fennell, parsly, saxafrage, growell
alias myllfoll*, smallage* & brome** of each a drame weighte, graynes of pa=
radise* & ginger of each halfe a dramme, sine** 4 drames, licoris 2 drams,
rubarbe, turbith*, spikenarde** & gallingall***, of each a drame, beate them
alltogether, unto a very fine powder, & so use it, then make a posset drinke
of white wine: & strayne the wine from the curdes: And put to a pinte
of your strayned wine, a quantitye of pellitory of the wall*, & as much
of alkekenge*, that is a small grippe, full as much as you may easilye
holde betweene your forefinger & your thumbe, bruise them & boyle them
in your strayned licor untill your licor be halfe wasted, then streyne it
agayne, & unto 7, 8 or 9 spoonefull of your licor, put as much of youre
powder as will cover a groate hepped*, use this last to bedward** and
firste in the morninge, thrise or at the leaste twise in the weeke, & so
continue untill you bee cured:
For the akeinge of the wombe. 54.
Take tansey, rewe, & suthenwoode*, & eate them with salte.
For ye megrime* in the heade. 55.
Take rise* & seeth** it in water, & put thereunto the milke of a one coloured cowe
& the iuice of Betanye* & boyle them, till they be thicke & make thereof a
playster & lay it to the foreheade & temples, as warme as ye patiente
may suffer it.
For sore eyes. 56.
Take a harde egge rosted, & take out ye yelke*, & put into the white of the
egge as much roch allome* as a beane, & a little suger candy as much as
a greate pinnes head bruised, & cover the egge & let it consume to water,
& when it is all consumed, then wringe the egge in a clothe, & save ye
water, & droppe that water into your eyes colde.
To pull out a thorne. 57.
Take boares grease, rewe, & cloves of garlicke, stampe them together, &
binde them to the place where the thorne is.
For a consumption or a coughe. 58.
Take & breake 2 new layd eggs & put both the yelkes* into a shell, and
set it upon a chafeing dish with embers & stirre the yelkes with your
knife & put into the sayd yelkes a good quantity of manus Christi*, or
fine sugar, & a little rose water, & stirre them well together untill
they be through warme & not harde, so that you may suppe them at one
suppe or 2 wthout any breade, or else very little, & drinke not in
one houre after it.
For the Blacke iaundise*. 59.
Take elder berries & eate them, or take the iuice* & drinke it or yt tendering
theireof is

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Transcribed by LF and JW