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Image 031, first book, folio 16a, receipts 46 to 52.

The first booke fo.16.
Liber 1
An other for a burninge. 46.
First to take away the heate, beate fayre water & sallet* oyle together &
therewithall anoynte the place with a feather then take a peice of
rusty* bacon, & holde it upon a knives poynte, & fry it with a candle &
holde it over a basin of fayre water till it have dropte a great quatity
of fatte then take the fat with a spoone or a feather, & put it into a
sawcer, & then stampe a quantity of sengweene*, & put unto ye fat
& streyne it through a cleane cloth into a cleane vessell & therewith
anoynte the burninge with a fether, & it will heale it by gods grace.
This medicine was prooved by Mris hingham upon Robert Thorps
face which was burned with gunnepowder:
To destroy wormes in children. 47.
Take the iuice* of red mynte & the gall** of an oxe & streyne them
together, & anoynte the stomacke, ye navell & they that be above the
stomacke shall avoyde upwarde, & as many as be in the wombe
shalbe purged downewarde.
To drive out the morphy* from ye inward
parts. 48.
Take fumitory*[*] water, & drinke it fastinge in the morninge, & drinke
not after it in 3 or 4 hoares, then to drive away the morphew from
the skinne & outwarde parts: Take a pottle* of fayre running water
& one handfull of dayseys rootes & all, an handfull of planten* & roche
alome* ye quantitye of a wallnut, seeth all these together from a pottle
to a quarte, & wash ye pty well wth this water where the morphewe
is: Probatum est.*
For the crampe. 49
A garter made of a fine linnen cloth served* with the pouder of brim-
stone, quilted flat, & sowed to ye legge will remedy the disease:
For the quinsey. 50.
Take columbine, fetherfewe*, & a leafe of comferye**, and drinke the iuice
thereof with stale* ale.
To breake fleagme*. 51.
Take a handfull of grounsell, a spoonful of small reasons* & a litle lico-
rice sliced, a quantity of sugar candye, & boyle all these together in halfe
a pinte of ale or beere & drinke it in ye morning fasting bloude warme.
A water to kill a pocke or fistula. 52.
In June take a pottle of running water, j handfull of woodbine leaves, as
much sage, the like quantity of bilders* alias clovers, as much fetherfew,
as much sellondine*. Seeth** all these together until the third parte bee
consumed, then strayne ye water, & wringe the iuice from ye hearbes,
& put to that lycor* a quarter of a pinte of vineger, & a peice of roch
allome as much as a wallnut, & let it boyle 16 or 20 wallops* & then
taste it with you tongue, & if it be well it wilbe stiffe, or else you muste put
a litle more allome thereto, & reserve this all the yeare.
For the

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