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Image 030, first book, folio 15b, receipts 42 to 45.

The firste booke
them on the fire & let them boyle till the strength be out of the herbes, then
strayne them through a clothe, & keepe that oyntemente in a cleane
pot, & when you will use the same, lay upon the oyntemente, ye skinne of
hogs greace or the firme skinne of sheeps sewet to keepe the cloth from
cleaveing to the sore places, & this will take away the fire, & heale ye
sore: & for a neede this may be made at any time of the yeare.
A soveraigne medicine for a fellon*, or any sicknes
sore, & to breake it. 42.
Take the leaves or flawes* of greace of a barrowe hogge**, & take of the
skynne, then breake the greace into a mortar very small & when it is
beate enoughe it will looke very whaite, then take it & put it into a faire
stone pot, but no earthen pot, cover it close, & so keepe it till ye beginning
of Maye, then gather scabeas* & stampe** & it & strayne it: And to a quarter
of the greace colde put a pottle of ye sayd iuice** of scabeas, & so in rate***
like, more or lesse, & so colde as it is worke it together with your hands,
till the greace hath drunke up all the iuice, then cover it, & let it stand
10 dayes, then take as much more iuice of scabeas, as you did before,
& before you put your newe iuice into it presse out the olde browne
water that remayneth in the same greace with your handes: & then
worke it with your iuice as you did firste & so in like manner cover
it 10 dayes, during May & June, & worke so much iuice into it every
time: & then lay of the same thicke on a linnen cloth & lay it 24 houres
upon ye sore, & when it is broke heale it with a draweing playster.
To asswage an evell humour or fellon or to heale
a new or greene wounde. 43.
Take the iuice of fetherfewe*, & smallage* of each like quantity, with a
quantity of blacke sope, & temper them alltogether with wheaten flower,
& therewith make a playster & lay it to the sore.
For shrinkeing of the Pynneweb*. 44.
Take marsh mallowes one handfull, as much rosemary tops & stampe
them together, & after put thereunto May butter molten, & mingle them
well together, & so let it stand 10 dayes then seeth* it with a softe fire untill
the strength of the hearbes be gone: & when it is well sodden*, take it and
wringe it through a canvas cloth: & so put it into a pot of earth to keepe :
For burninge or scaldeinge. 45.
Take (if the fire be not out before) a pownde of rosen* beaten into pouder j lb of
unwroughte waxe sliced small j lb di of May butter clarifyed & freshe,
& put all together in a brasse pan & set it on ye fire, till it beginne to
rise, & allwayes be stirring of it,then take it of the fire, & incontinent*
put it in a fayre vessell with cold water, & stirre it together, & so let
it stand a day & a night till it be colde, & then make it in candles &
spreade it on a cloth, & use it at neede.
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