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Image 028, first book, folio 13b, receipts 25 to 30.

The firste booke.
Take of chervell one good handfull, & seeth it in a quarte of good claret
or red wine whole till the hearbes be well sodden, then wringe the
hearbes into the wine, & so cast them awaye: then make Ypocrasse* of the
same with sugar, sinamon, ginger, & most of the sinamon, & give
it her to drinke luke warme at any time of the day, & it will make her
throwes* goe awaye.
To staunch a wound from bleedinge, 26.
Take dryed vervin* made into powder, & so lay the powder into ye wound,
& it will staunch it.
Another for ye same. 27.
Take aleblaster*, & the white or cleare of an egge the fome skimmed of
mingle these well together & lay them upon flaxe & so lay it to ye wounde.
A water to abate proude flesh or to clense
a corrupt sore or wounde. 28.
Take a good handfull of Sage & wash them cleane, then take a posnet* with
a quarte of good ale or good strong beere & put your sage therein & a peice
of rock alome to the bignes of a wallnut, then seeth them all together till
it be halfe sod* away, then with some of that water, wash your sore when
you doe dresse it.
An other for the same. 29.
Take a pottle of fayre running water, with Sage & rosemary cropps of each
an handfull of woodbine leaves 2 handfulls, of roch allome* ½ one &dram; of English
hony 2 spoonefulls, of vineger 3 spoonefulls & wash therewith the sore,
& if it be in the mouth leave out the allome.
A soveraigne oyntement for aches & bruises. 30.
Take j lb of sage, j lb of rewe, di lb of wormewood, di lb of bay leaves then cut
them small, & after beate them in a mortar, & then take 3 lb; of Sweete
sewet* taken newe from the sheepe let it coole & mince it small & so put
it to the hearbes in the water then beate them together untill ye time ye sewet
be not seene but that the hearbes be all of one coloure, then take it out
of the mortar, & put it into a basin, then put thereunto a pottle* of sweete
oyle olife, then worke it with your handes into the hearbes untill they be
all of like softnes, & if you adde unto this 2 [dram]* of Aquavitae it wilbe the
better, then put it into an earthen pot & cover it close, & so keepe it 8 days,
then take & seeth it in a brazen pot on a softe fyre untill the time ye strenght
of the hearbes be gone, & thus you shall prove it, take a spoonefull of
the same, & put it into a new canvas cloth & so wring the iuice from
the hearbes & if at the last wringeing there cometh any liquor like a
brewe water, then it is not sodden* enough, for if it bee sodden enoughe
there will come nothing at the wringeinge but the oyntemente & in this
wise you shall

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Transcribed by LF and JW