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Image 026, first book, folio 12b, receipts 13 (contd.) to 18.

The firste booke.
Take herbe Robert and red Sage, and herbe grace of Eache
a lyke quantitye, and stampe them in a morter wt good oile
then take a lynnen clothe, put the herbes therein, and beinge well
wett in the Jawe*, laye it to the tooth all night, lyenge on that
syde and in the morninge by the grace of god it will brynge
out the canker.
To stopp vometinge 14.
Take a draught of good Alee or Beare, and put there unto a
good quantytie of powdered Cynamon, and warme geve it the
pacient to drynke. Also take iij spoonefull of mynte water and
drynke it in Ale or Beare warme, both hathe bene proved. Also
myntes sodd* in anye broothe will stopp vometynge.
For a soore brest that is swollen. 15.
Take mallowes, wormewood, and violetts of eache an handfull,
boyle them in fayer ronninge water wt a soft fyer tyll the herbes be
tender, then strayne them from the water and mingled wt boares
grease chopp them on a boarde: yf you add unto thes ye yolkes of
egges wt barlye and wheatte flower, it wil be the better, and warme
laye of it to the soore, and chaunge it once in xxiiij* howers, when
it is broke laye a draweinge plaster there unto.
A plaster for the heate in the Stomake
comminge by an Agewe* or otherwyse: 16.
Take a peece of Skarlet* in grayne cutt it to the proportion of
the bucke* of the stomake, seeth it in a quantitye of vineger, rose
water, endy*water and Saunders**, tyll the lycor be consumed
and so laye the same peece of Skarlet as hott as maye be to the
stomake, and cover it close wt a lynnen cloth to keepe in the
heate, and when it is cold warme it in the same lycor agayne
if anye remayne, tyll he fynde remedye, and so use it as neede
shall requyre.
A Soverayne medicene for a styche. 17.
Take Setwell*, and growte** a good quantitye, and halfe
as muche gynger, then take to every sponefull of Scabias
water, and put it all together, drinke it warme, and
laye you downe to sweate if you can.
For the cough and ache in the brest: 18.
Boyle Scabias* in fayer ronninge water, and washe
the breast twyse or thryse therewt, then make a plaster
of the herbes and laye it to the breast all hott
when you goe to bed for it hath bene proved.
To cause one to

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Transcribed by LF and JW