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Image 025, first book, folio 12a, receipts 8 to 13.

The first booke .fo.12.a.
Liber 1
To stanche bleedinge at the noose. 8.
Take the Joyce* of red nettell, and good red wyne of eache
lyke quantitye, and put there unto the powder of fayer whyte
chawlke, as will into halfe an hasell nutt, and luke warme
geve the pacient these of to drynke.
For lacke of hearinge 9.
Take cammamyll, mellilot, margerom, calamint, Isope, wormwood*,
penye royall, Sticados*, and mintes of eache an handfull, boyle
them together in fayer ronninge water by the space of an
hower, then take a spounge dypp it in the same water and
as hott as maye be suffered, hold it to yo eares so that the heate
maye enter into yor eares and head, then take cotten to stop
yor eares that no cold enter therein:
For toothe ache 10.
Take a quantitye of Isope*, cammamyll, and rosemarye, halfe
a pynte of vinegre, and as muche pellitorye water, camphyre
staveseacre and masticke of eache a drame* ij ownces of
Allome* iij sponefull of honye, then boyle them all together, and
therewt washe yor teeth and goomes therewt, twyse or thryse a
For a saslse* flengme* or heigh coloured face. 11.
Take vj ounces of fyne clarifyed barrowes* grease but so
it touche no water, ij handfull of red sauge** gathered in
maye, stampe* them and boyle them well together tyll
you perceave it greene, then strayne it warme through
a lynnnen cloth, and when it is somewhat cold put there
unto the powder of chawlke, and fyne serced* brymestone**
of eache a drame* and an halfe, and styrre it together tyll
it come to a salve, then put it into boxes, and therew annoynte
the face as oft as neede is:
A water for the canker in a mans mouth: 12.
Take ij handfull of woodbynde* leaves, tyme* Isope and Sage
of eache an handfull ij or iij croppes* of rosemarye, and ij
spoonefull of honye, boyle all thes together in a pottell* of ronninge
water and in the seethinge* put thereunto a peece of roache
Allome* as bygge as a wallnutt, and wt that water washe
yor mouth, and the same is verye good also for the toothe ache:
For a canker in the tooth: 13.
Take herbe Robert

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Transcribed by JW and LF