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Image 023, first book, folio 11a, title and receipts 1 to 4.

The first Booke fo.11.a.
Liber 1.
A Coppye of all suche medicenes where wt the
noble Countisse of Oxenford* most charitablye in
her owne person, did manye greate and notable
cures upon her poore neighbours.
For payne in the head. 1.
Take Aleehooffe* and seeth** it in fayer water then
put the water cleane from the herbes, and laye
the herbes, to the noddle* of yor head, and bynde
them on wt a fayer cloth.
For the migrime* in the eyes 2.
Take newe mylke and seeth it, and put it into a
bassen, then cover it wt a platter, and the water
that commeth on the platter when you take it of the
mylke, will helpe, yf you washe yor eyes and
browes therewt.
To make one sleepe. 3.
Take iiij sponefull of good vinegre, and ij sponefull
of rosewater, and as muche planten* water and ij
sponefull of the oyle of roses, and put these unto a
good quantitye of the cromes* of levened bread made
of wheate, and one handfull of the powder of dryed
rose leaves, as you thinke will make the lycor thicke, to
laye upon a lynnen cloth, and so laye it of length over ye
forehead and temples of the pacient from the one eare
tother, and so laye him on a bedd, makeinge no noise, and
wt in the space of one quarter of a hower he shalbe
full of sleepe:
For the pynne and the webb*. 4.
Take of herbe Christopher*, the stalkes toppes & leaves
of the length of ones fynger if they be so farre out, or
els as they be growene, a good quantitye, in the beginninge
of maye, and stampe them verye smale, then put
thereunto a good quantitye of maye butter* unsalted
mingle them all together, and stampe them in a fayer
platter or suche lyke cleane vessell, and so set them
daylye in the same vessell in the sonne, when it shyneth
cleare, by the space oof ij or iij mounthes tylle it be
rotten, and yf it be souer rotten, streyne it through
a cleane cloth of lynnen,

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Transcribed by JW and LF