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Image 022, Folio 10b, A Prognostication; Astronomical signs for different activities.

A Prognostication. Fo.10.
The learned physition will consider, beside all that is sayde, the Coniunctions, oppo=
sitions, and quadrat* Aspects of the Planets : with many other things Astronomicall, most
necesarye both in bloudlettinge, purgeinge, batheinge, &c.
For to take purgations, and to bathe.
The meetest time to take purgations, &c. is neither in hot, nor colde dayes: that is,
from the fitenth of March, to the twelfth of June.
Further by rules Astronomicall, it must be perfourmed when the Moone is in colde,
moyste, and watry Signes, as Cancer, Scorpius, and Pisces, comforted by aspects and
radiations of planets, fortifyinge the vertue of the bodye expulsive.
The Moone in Aries, Taurus, and Capricornus, naughte*. One cause of vomiteinge the
purgation is, if the Moone have aspecte to any planet retrograde.
The Moone in these Signes followeinge, very good to bathe: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius,
Cancer, Scorpius, and Pisces.
The ensueinge are evill to bathe, Taurus, Virgo, Capricornus.
Of inundations or floudes: of timber fallinge, soweinge,
planteinge, grassing, hayre clippinge, shaveing, and
The floude is biggest at the full, by cause disperseinge her vertue, she filleth all places
with moysture. By common experience ioyned with learninge I knowe, at the full the
Moone loadeth all bodies with humors: and so are emptied groweinge to the chaunge.
Of this some gather the fall of timber at the chaunge, more to the purpose then other
times, wanteinge then superfluous moysture, the cause of putrefaction, Omnis
putredo ab aqueo humido ortum habet*. Schoner** willeth from the 15 daye unto the 22
daye of the Moone trees to be felled, and that after Midsommer to Januarye, So
timber is stronge, sound, and voyde of wormes.
To Sow: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Capricornus, are best in the mixeage of
the Moone.
To plante or grasse, is best when the Moone hath her beinge in any fixed Signe, eyther
in Taurus, or Aquarius in the encrease.
Hayre cut groweth well, the Moone encreaseinge, being in Taurus, Virgo, or Libra.
Cutting, Shaveinge, clippinge, in the wane causeth baldenes: what is then cut,
groweth little. Calvitium prohibet oleum Tartari.*
The best time of cuttinge is in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, in the wane.
The dominion of the Moone
in mans bodie
Aries: { } Heade and face:
Taurus: { } Necke:
Gemini: { } Armes, hands, shoulders:
Cancer: { } Breaste, stomacke, ribbes:
Leo: { The } Harte, Backe:
Virgo: { } Bowells, bellye:
Libra: { } Raynes, Navell, buttockes:
Scorpius: { } Secret members:
Sagitarius: { } Thighes:
Capricornus: { } Knees:
Aquarius: { } Shinnes, legges:
Pisces. { } Feete.

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