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Image 021, folio 9a, A Prognostication, How to use previous table (folio 8a and b).

A pronostication. fo.9.
under the title of dayes: beginne to tell* downwardes, 1. 2. 3. &c untill you have
reckoned the number which you did keepe in minde. Agaynst that, towardes your
righte hande under the title of signes, is the signe wherein the moone shall bee that
daye. Even then under the other titles, ye shall finde in right order for lettinge
blood, for Purgeing, and Batheinge, accordinge as they be noted with G. which is good,
and B. signifyeth bad.
The sixth daye of March in the yeare of our Lorde, 1555. I desire to knowe what
celestiall signe the Moone doth then occupie. I finde firste the name of the Moneth,
that is March: and the day as followeth, in the nexte order of this table. I beginne
here to tell ? right agaynst my monthe, at the figure of twoe, saying 1, 2. 3. &c: So I
have at the end & count of sixe dayes this figure 7, which I keepe in minde. Nowe I
must seeke out the Golden number for the yeare aforesayde, under the title of ye Prime
heere, that is 7. agaynst the which on the lefte side is 6. There ye must beginne a-
gayne to counte 1, 2, 3 &c. untill you come to your number 7. So on your righte
hande in the row or order, you shall see Virgo, the celestiall Signe that the Moone
is in: and after that those three letters B, which declare bad, or evill to let Bloude,
to Purge, or Bathe, agreeable to the titles in the heade G. there had signified good.
A conduceable note for letting Bloude.
Let bloude at no time without greate cause, for it bringeth weakenes and manye
infirmities. If ye doe, see it be after good digestion, and fastinge, in a fayre tempe-
rate daye. Beware before of all manner excercises, batheings, watchings*, and carnall
copulation, &c. After use fine meates, of light digestion, abstayninge from all the
aforesayde, untill the fourth dayes.
These Signes are most dangerous for bloudlettinge, the Moone beinge on them: Taurus
Gemini, Leo, Virgo, and Capricornus, with the last halfe of Libra, & Scorpius: The
rest are all good, so the Moone beare no dominion in that member which ye cut.
From the Chaunge to the firste quarter, a meete* time to let young men bloude:
From the firste quarter to the Full, good for middle age:
From the Full to the last quarter, apte for aged folke:
From the last quarter to the chaunge, beste for olde men.
Signes meete for the Complexions.
For the Flegmaticke, the head, & thighes excepted {Aries:
For melancholicke: buttockes & legges excepted {Libra
For cholericke: breaste, members, and feete excepted {Scorpius:
For the Sanquine, all be apte that before are named good.
In the Springe time, let bloude at the righte side.
In harveste time at the lefte side.
The learned physition

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Transcribed by JW and LF