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Image 019, folio 8a, A Prognostication; How to use the tables before and after this page

A prognostication fo.8.
The use of this table appoynted for
the moveable feastes.
This Table contayneth in the firste title the Prime: in the seconde, the Do-
minicall letter*: in the thirde, Lent: in the fourthe, Easter daye: in the fifthe,
Rogation daye: in the sixthe, Whitsondaye: in the seaventh, how many weeks
and dayes are betweene Whitsunday and Midsommer. Which all appeare
by theire titles.
Ye shall consider by the title round table before put forth, what number
the Prime is that yeare whereof ye require to knowe all these aforesaid:
and seeke that number under the first title of this table ensueinge. Then
seeke under the seconde the Dominicall letter, nexte after the Prime for
that yeare: which title ensueth the Prime. Directly agaynste the same
Dommicall letter, towards your righte hand, in the same line, ye shall finde
under the titles, what month and daye, every of one of these aforesayde shall
I would knowe this yeare of our Lord 1611 the moveable feastes: the first
lent Sundaye, Easter day, Rogation dayes, Whitsunday, and how many weekes
betwixte Whitsunday and Midsommer day. First I find the prime this
yeare is 16. which 16, I looke out under the title of Prime in the Table
before. Then I seeke in the nexte order, and after the Prime, for the
Domicall letter that yeare. Now in right order, according to the title, I
finde the the 20 of February to be the first Lent Sunday, the 24 of March
Easter day: the 28 of Aprill Rogation: the 12 of May Whitsunday: and 6
weekes and 2 days betwixt Whitsonday, & Midsommer day. Thus for ever.
Now ensueth a Table sheweing what signe
the moone is in, and shall be for ever:
declareing allso the meetest time
to let bloude, to purge, and
to bathe.
The table hath at the heade seaven titles. The first monthes: ye seconde
dayes, then the Prime: the twelve signes: the times to let bloude, to purge,
and to bathe.
Heare is to bee noted, that those dayes are good for these purposes, which
bee signed with this letter G: & those evill dayes*, that are noted with B.

Note: See tables in images 18 and image 20

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

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Transcribed by JW and LF