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Image 016, folio 6b, A Prognostication; hours of moonlight, moveable feast dates

A prognostication.
is entred in [Virgo]* the 14 daye of the month. I must for every day past anye
entrye adde one degree. There are seaven dayes past that entrye, then
I conclude the sunne ready to have place in the 8 degree of [Virgo] ye 21 of Auguste.
To know how long the moone shineth.
For her shineinge in the encrease, multiply the age of the moone by 4. In the
wane augmente the rest of the age which shee lacketh of 30 by 4. & divide by
5. The quotient sheweth the howres: the remaynes if there be any, multi=
plied by 12 bringeth minutes to be added.
How the moveable feastes are found readily.
Seeke the chaunge of the moone in February, for that that yeare ye require
these moveable feastes. Note what day it falleth on, the nexte tuesdaye is
Shrove Tuesday. But if the chaunge be on tuesdays, the next tuesday ensue=
inge is it. The nexte Sundaye is the first Sundaye of Lent. Sixe Sundaies
after it Easter day. Adde 35 dayes, or five weekes to Easter day, yee have
Rogation Sunday. To that adde 4 dayes, so yee have Ascention day. Then have
yee 10 dayes to Whitsunday. Seaven dayes after is Trinity Sunday. And
foure after is dayes after is Corpus Christi daye.
Without tables, at all times to
know the tides.
Learne as is declared the age of the moone, allso remember the howre of the
full or chaunge, for your place or poynte which doth never varie: these
knowen, worke thus.
When the moone is 10 dayes olde, I desire to knowe at what of of ye clocke
it is full sea at London bridge. Multiply 10 by fourty eighte, so have ye 480:
divide that by 60, ye have eighte houres. To that adde three, which is the
howre of the full or chaunge appoynted for that place. All then cometh
unto eleaven of the clocke high water at London bridge. If anye thinge
remayne they are minutes of an howre. If the howres amounte above
twelve, cast the twelves awaye, the reste is your requeste.
Thus fewe remaninge Mr Leonardo
sigges prognostication
These twoe rounde tables that nowe ensue,conduce to the rest follow=

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Transcribed by LF and JW