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Image 015, folio 6a, A Prognostication; Position of the sun and phases of the moon

A prognostication fo.6.
The epact* is thus ever founde.
Multiply the prime by eleven, divide by 30, the remayne is your desire.
These two numbers begin at March, theire use is cheifely to finde out the
chaunge, quarters, and full Moone, as ensueth.
A rule for the change, full, and quarters
of the moone.
PUT unto the Epact all the monthes from March, includeing the moneth of
March: pull then that summe from 30: the remayne sheweth ye day of ye chaunge.
Heere note the full moone is the 15 daye after the chaunge. Allso if ye remaine
be lesse then 15, sustract* the lesse from 15, the rest is the full moone.
If the remayne passe 30: subtract it from 45, then the full doth allso appeare.
To conclude, if from the full moone yee pull 15 dayes, ye have ye chaunge
goeinge before. The chaunge had, the quarters are knowne, by addinge or
pulling away seaven dayes.
For the age of the moone, worke thus for ever.
Adde to the dayes of your moneth the Epact, and allso as many dayes more
as are monthes from March to your moneth, includeing both monthes. Now
subtracte 30, if ye maye, the age then remayneth.
Now shall bee declared what Signes and degrees ye moone
differeth from the Sunne, by which is gathered at all times,
the Signe and Grade wherein shee is.
Multiplye the age of the moone by 4, divide by 10, the quotient sheweth
the Signes that the moone differeth from the sunne. The remayne augmen-
ted by three, bringeth degrees to be added. Ye must put these Signes and
degrees to the place of the sunne. The producte, I meane the encrease or
end of all these Signes and degrees in order counted from the sunne, declare
the place of the moone in the Zodiacke.
The place of the Sunne in the
Zodiacke is thus founde*.
First knowe that the 11 daye of Januarye, the sunne is entred into [Aquarius]. The
10 daye of Februarye [Pisces]. The 11 of March [Aries]. The 11 of Aprill [Taurus]. The
22 of May [Gemini]. The 12 of June [Cancer] . The 14 of Julye [Leo]. The 14 of August
[Virgo]. The 14 of September [Libra]. The 14 of October [Scorpio]. The 13 of No-
vember [Sagittarius]. The 12 of December [Capricorn].
This knowne, the place of the sunne is well fownde, adding for everye daye
past anye entrie, one degree.
I require the place of the sunne the 21 daye of Auguste. I find that ye sunne
is entred

Note: For an explanation of the signs of the Zodiac, see Glossary

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Transcribed by JW and LF