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Image 013, folio 5a, A Prognostication; Explanations of weather and natural phenomena

A prognostication .fo.5.
Of Snowe.
It is a moiste vapor, drawne up ? to the middle region of the ayre, then
thicked, and frozen into the bodye of a cloude: So congelated descendeth.
Of Hayle.
A cloude resolved into water, int in the fall congelated, maketh hayle. The higher
it cometh from above, and the longer it tarrieth in ye ayre, the rounder haile.
Of Windes.
Winde is a multitude of drye exhalations, drawne up from the earthe; & above
the earth enforced here & there.
Of earthquakes in ye most quiet time.
Plenty of windes, entred into holes, cones or caves of the earthe, which absent
from above the earth causeth quietnes: the violent bursteinge out of them
(the earth closed agayne) is the earthquake: Signum est futurorum bellorum:
that is: It is a signe of warres to come.
Tokens of earthquakes to come
A firie cloude appearinge in the element like a litle piller, is a token of earth-
quakes to come. The obscurity or darkenes of the sunne, without cloudes, and
straungelye coloured, bloudye or otherwise, is a token of earthquakes.
Allso when well water and others are troubled, or salte, or infected by sabor*, &c.
A greate quietnes of aire by land & sea, & cheifelye the long absence of windes.
Allso straunge noyses hearde, as clamors of men, rushing of barnes, mournings,
lamentations, &c. All these have bene observed to signifie earthquakes at hand.
Of thunders and lighnings lightnings
Thunder is the quenchinge of fire in a cloude. Or thunder is an exhalation
hot and drye, mixte with moisture, carried up to the middle region, there thicked
cloude, groweth a strife, the heate beateinge, & breakeing out the sides of the
and wrapped in a cloude: of this hot matter coupled with moistnes closed in the
cloude with a thundring noyse: ye fire then dispersed is the lightninge.
There be three kindes of lightnings, drie, moiste
and cleare.
Drye doe not burne but cleave, part or divide. Moyste, burne not, but alter
coloure. The cleare are of marveilous natures: Full barrells by it are emp-
tied. It melteth monye in the purse, it breaketh the sworde, the purse & scab-
berd not perished yea, waxe in them unmolten.
Of the comets or flames in the nighte.
A comet is a flame workeing in a drye, hot, shinie exhaltation, drawne up to
the highest part if the ayre. His matter or substaunce after it is burnte, &
dispersed, provoketh winde.
A corallarie*.
By this, gather the darknes at Christes death not to stand by naturall ?

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