The Society's seal and three photographs


Our bicentenary exhibitions

The Banks of the Tyne: 19th century street photography, displayed part of our collection of 19th century photographs, at The Side Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne. We are now preparing a Heritage Lottery Fund application, in partnership with the gallery and the Mining Institute, to digitise the collection.

We would love to know more about the photos, including this one, of two elephants dragging a cart with a skeleton of another. Click here for a larger image. If you can identify the occasion and the place, please e-mail Lindsay Allason-Jones.

Our major Bicentenary exhibition, Tales of Antiquarian Adventure,  Great North Museum, explored the various facets of the Society’s work over 200 years. The podcasts are now available on YouTube, and the digital version of the pollbook is also to be made publicly available in due course. Thanks to all those who helped; follow this link for more information.

Other exhibitions

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