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Haltwhistle Estimates

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We whose names are hereunto Subscribed do hereby Certify that we very well know the within named Isaac Waugh and believe him to be a very honest Industrious Man and were Eye Witnesses to the damage occasioned and done to him by the late dreadful Flood and that we have also examined the account and estimate within written and believe the same to be a true and moderate Account and estimate of the damages the said Isaac Waugh hath Sustained and that we have reason to believe that the said Isaac Waugh by such loss will be reduced to no small difficulties and distress to support his Audit and that it would be a real Charity done to give him relief on account thereof As Witness our hands this Thirtieth day of December 1771. John Hewetson his + mark John Ellit I The Reverend John Farrer Curate of Haltwhistle Parish within mentioned do hereby Certify that I very well know the within named Isaac Waugh and also the Several persons whose names are Subscribed to the above written Certificate and believe him and them to be very honest men, that I had not an opportunity of Seeing the damage done but believe it was as in the within written Estimate and within written Certificate mentioned and that the within written Account and Estimate is a true and moderate one As Witness my hand this Thirtieth day of December 1771 John Farrer

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