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Letters from Bankers to Committee re Subscriptions Received

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James? King
per (i.e. by)
Spelt Orde elsewhere.

Newcastle Jan 19 1772 Mr L. Heron Sir Since our last we have receiv'd as under which is placed to the Credit of Subscriptions for Relief of Sufferers in County of Northumberland - please mention if you wou'd chuse us to advise you every week & upon what days I am for Messr. Surtees & Burdon Sir Your Obedt Servt Robt. Newton-Lynn 1772 Jan 14 Mr. Jas. King. Glashouses N.C. £ 1..1 ..6 Cash of Mr. Heron p post 35..4 ..6 18.Wm.Ord. Esqr. Fenham 10..10.- Mrs Ann Ord do. 5..5 .- 52..--..6

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