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Letter from C Gregson to Ralph Heron

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Amount unclear

Ovingham Sir Feb: 25th 1772 I received your favour on Sunday last, & am sorry I have not an opportunity of waiting upon you personally this Day according to your request. But if you please to send the Cash for the Sufferers within my Parish by the Bearer hereof Matthew Johnson, I shall be answerable for whatever he receives, and shall apply it according to your directions. John Johnson of Ovingham Boathouse received £{1??s} last Thursday, which I had inserted in my list to be Cash promised but not received; so that out of his proportion of £85: 11s: 11 1/2d you must deduct £59:14s:1d which he has already received & the remainder now due to him will be £25:17s:10 1/2d according to my Calculation. There are three Sufferers

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within the Parish of Heddon on the Wall and if it be any
convenience to you to send it along with my People's
Cash I shall take care to apply it properly, & am Sir

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