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Image 381 (unnumbered folio) two receipts

Cock Water for a Consumption.
Take an Old Red Cock from a Barn door, pull him alive, then kill
him and Quarter him, and with Clean Cloths Wipe the Blood
from him, then put the Quarters into a Cold Still, and part of
a Leg of Veal, and put to them Two Quarts of Mallaga Wine Sack*
and a Handfull of Thyme, as much Sweet Marjoram & Rosemary.
Two Handfulls of Pempernel*, four of Dates Ston’d, and Slic’d
One Pound of Currants, as many Raisins of the Sun* Ston’d
a Pound of Sugar Candy finely Beaten, when all is in, Paste
up the Still, let it stand all Night, The next Morning
still* it, and Mix the Water together, and Sweeten it to your
taste with White Sugar Candy & Drink 3 or 4 Spoonfulls
an Hour before Dinner and Supper, Distill this Water in May.
Take a Pound of Currants, and of Harts tongue*, Liverwort* and
Speedwell, of Each a Large Handfull, then a Peck* of Snails
lay them all Night in Hyssop*, the Next Morning Rub and Bruise
them, and Distill all in a Gallon of New Milk, Sweeten
it with White Sugar candy, and Drink of the Water 2. or 3
times a day, a Quarter of a Pint at a time
It has done great Good.

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Transcribed by KS and GB