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Image 379 (unnumbered folio) four receipts

A Rare Mouth Water.
Take Rosemary, Rue, Calendine*, Plantane, Bramble leaves,
Woodbine* leaves, and Sage, of each a Handfull.
Beat then and Steap them in a quart of the Best White Wine
Vinegars Two Days and Nights, then Press it well and Strain it
and put to it Six Ounces of Allam*, and as much Honey, and Boil them
a little together Softly till the Allan is consumed, when ’tis cold keep
its for Use.
Lozenges for the Heart Burn.
Take of White Sugar, Candy One pound. Chalk, Three Ounces, Bole armoniac*
five Scruples*, let all these be beaten and Sifted, and Made all into
a Paste with a Little Spring Water, Roll it out and cut your Lozenges
out with a Thimble, lay them to dry & Eat Four or Five at
a time as often as you Please
For the Tooth Ache
Lett the Party that is troubled with the Tooth Ach* lie on the Contrary
Side, and drop Three Dropps of the jouce of Rue into the Ear
on that Side the Tooth acheth, and let it Remain an Hour or Two
and it will Remove the Pain. If a Needle is run through a Woodlouse
and Imediately the Tooth Aching & with that Needle, it will
cease to Ach.
To Cure The Tooth Ach
Take half an Ounce of Conserve of Rosemary over Nights, and half
a Dram of Extract of Rudium* in the Morning, do this three times
together, keep Warm

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Transcribed by KS and GB