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Image 376 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

To make Orange Wine
Put Twelve pounds of Fine Sugar and the Whites of Eight Eggs
well Beaten into Six Gallons of Spring Water, let it Boil
an Hour, Scuming* it all the time, take it off, and when
tis Pretty Cool, Put in the Jouce and Rind of Fifty Sevill Oranges
and Six Spoonfulls of Good Ale Yest, and let it stand Two Days
then put it into your Vessell with Two Quarts of Rhennish Wine
and the Jouce of Twelve Lemons – you must let the Jouce
of 12 Lemons and Wine, and Two pounds of Double Refin’d Sugar
stand close cover’d Ten or Twelve hours before you put it in
the Vessel to your Orange Wine, and Scum off the Seads
before you put it in & The Lemons peels must be put in with
the Oranges, half the Rinds must be put into the Vessell
it must stand ten or Twelve days before ’tis fit to Bottle.
For a Pain in the Stomach
Take a Quarter of a Pound of Blue Currants*, Wipe them Clean
and Pound them in a mortar, with an ounce of Annaseeds
Bruis’d, before you put them to the Currants, make this
into a Bolus* with a little Syrup of Glove gilliflowers*
Take every Morning the quantity of a Walnutt, & Drink
Rosemary Tea instead of other Tea for your
Breakfast – If the Pain Returns, Repeat it

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Transcribed by KS and GB