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Image 374 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

The Bruise Ointment
Take of Rosemary ) Of each one Handfull, put them into
Brown Sage ) a Pott with very strong Beer, or
Fennel ) Spiritts enough to cover them well
Camomile ) and Two Pound of Fresh Butter out of the
Hyssop* ) Churn. cover it up with Paste, and
Balm ) Bake it with Bread and when it is
Woodbine* leaves ) Bak’d strain it out, when it is cold
Southeranwood* ) Scum off the Butter and Melt it
Parsly ) and put it in a Gallipot* for Use
Wormwood* ) The Liquor is very good to dip
Self-heal* ) Flannels into, and Bathe any Green
Rue ) Bruise or Ach*, as hot as can be
Elderleaves ) born
Clowns-All-heal* )
Burdock* leaves )
An Electuary* for a Pain in the Stomach
Take Conserve of Wood-sorrel*, and Mithridate* an Equal quantity Mix it
well together, and take Night and Morning the Quantity of a
Nutmeg, so do for Fifteen days together
Wood-Sorrel )
Mithridate )

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Transcribed by GB and KS