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Image 373 (unnumbered folio), three receipts

For a Dropsy*
Bruise a Pint of Mustard seed, Scrape and Slice a Large HorseReddish*
Root, Scrape a Handfull of the inner Rind of Elder, and a Root of
Elecampane* Slic’d, put all these into a Large Bottle, and put to
it Quart of Good Stale Beer, keep it stop’d steep’d 48 Hours
Drink half a Pint every Morning fasting, and Fast Two Hours
after it – you may fill it up Once or twice
1 Pint of Mustard Seed
1 Large HorseReddish Root
Scrape a handfull of the inner Rind of Elder
1 Root of Elecampane
Powder for the Teeth
Half an Ounce of Cream of Tarter, and a quarter of an Ounce of Powder
of Myrrh. Rub the Teeth with it 2 or 3 times a Week
Water to Strenthen the Sight
Take Rosemary Flowers, Sage, Betony*, Rue and Succory*, of each One
Handfull infuse these in Two quarts of Sack*, and distill them in an
Alembeck*. The Dose is a Spoonfull in the Morning fasting
till the Water is done

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

An entry outlined like this has a note which may be seen by hovering over it.

Transcribed by GB and KS