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Image 372 (unnumbered folio), four receipts

For a Cold
Hysop* a Pint ) Boil it, Strain it, & Drink it
Colts-Foot* leaves a Good Handfull )
¼ lb of Alkermes* Root Bruis’d ) Boil all these together a
½ lb of Fresh Butter ) Pretty While, then Strain it
As much Bees Wax ) and let it stand till it is cold
A Pint of Cleritt* ) then take the Wax off the Top
and Melt it again, & Pour it
Clear from the Dreggs into your Gallipotts*, or Boxes. Use it when
and as often as you Please
For a Cold
Take Rosemary and Sliced Liquorish*, and Boil it in Small Ale
and Sweeten it with Treacle, and drink it going to Bed
Four or Five Nights together
For a Cold Dr Ratcliff’s Recept
Make some Sack-Whey* with Rosemary Boil’d in it, Mix a little
of it in a Spoon, with Twenty Grains of Gascoin Powder*
Then Drink half a Pint of your Sack Whey, with Twelve Drops
of Spiritt of Hartshorn* in it, go to Bed and keep Warm
Do this Two or three Nights together
Sack Whey

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Transcribed by GB and KS