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Image 350 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

To Prevent the Cure of Plague*
Take Three pints of Mascadine* Wine, boil in it a Handfull of Sage
and as much Rue, till a Pint is waisted, then strain it out and
Set it on the Fire again, and put therein long Peppers*, Ginger
Nutmegs, of each three parts of an Ounce beaten together in
Fine Powder,let it Boil a little, then put to it Two Ounces
of Treacle, One Ounce of Mithridate*, and a quarter of a Pint
of Angelica-Water, Dissolve the Treacle and Meithridate in the
Angelica-Water, then mix altogether – Take of it both
Morning and Evening warm, Two Spoonfulls, if infected, take
take it in Bed and Sweat with it, but if not – But if infected
take it in bed and Sweat with it but if not infected, One Spoonfull
in the morning may be Sufficient, and not lie to Sweat after it.
You may take half a Spoonfull at night, this is good in the
Smallpox or Measles. It was used in the Sickness Year
without great Success both to young and Old
Mascadine Wine } }
Sage } till a Pint } }
Rue } is Waisted } }
Long Pepper } of each } } Then Mix
Ginger } 3. parts } } Altogether
Nutmegs } of an Oz } }
2.Oz Treakle } Disolve this } }
1.Oz Mithridate } in the Angelica } }
¼ Pint of Angelica Water} Water } }

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Transcribed by JMCN and CTW