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Image 346 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

To Cure the Dropsy, Rheumatism, Scurvey, and Cough of the Lungs
Take English Orris-roots, Squills, and Elecompane* Roots, each
One Ounce, Hysop and Hoarhound leaves, each one Handfull
and the inner rind of green Elder and Dwarf Elder, of each One
Handfull, Sena* One Ounce and a Half – Agarick* two Drams
Ginger One Dram, Cut the Roots thin, and Bruise the Leaves
and put them into Two Quarts of the Best Lisbon Wine. Let these
Boil an Hour and half on a Gentle Fire in an Earthen Mugg* very Close
stop’d with a Cork, and tied down with a Bladder that no Air come
to it, and So Set in a Large Pott of Boiling Water, Set it so that
no Water get into the Mugg, which must hold three quarts,
that all the Ingredients may have Room to go in when ’tis almost
Cold, strain it out very hard, you must Scrape the Elder
downwards, Take this for a Week together if you can, and
then miss a day, and if does not do, go on with your
other Bottle of the same, take it in a morning Fasting,
Ten Spoonfulls at a time, without any Possett-Drink
it will both vomit and purge you, ’tis an Unpleasant Taste
therefore, take a Lump of Sugar after it when ’tis Quite Cold
after ’tis Strain’d off – let it stand in a Flaggon to Settle a
night and a day – then Bottle it up clear and Fine for Use.
This is an Admirable Medicine. 280.

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Transcribed by JMCN and CTW