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Image 344 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

An Excellent Receipt for the Cure of Colds
Take of Venice Treakle half a Dram, Powder of Snake Root*
12 Grains, Powder of Saffron 6 Grains, Volatile Salt of HartshornC
4 Grains, Syrup of Cloves a Sufficient quantity to make it into a
Bolus*, to be taken going to Rest, drinking a Large Quantity Draught
of Mountain Whey* after it, those who can’t afford Mountain Whey
may Drink Treakle Possett.*
To Such Constitutions, as can’t be provoked to Sweat, opening
a Vein on a Gentle Purge will be of Great Service.
Pimples on the Face
Wheat Flour } Mingled together and put on ym when you
Honey } go to Bed
Vinegar }
To make Ebulum* – or Earby** Drink
To a Hogshead* of Ale take a heap’d Bishel* of Elderberries, and half a pound
of Juniper Berries Beaten, put in all the Berries when you put in the
Hopps, and let them Boil together till the Berries Break in pieces
then work it up as you do Ale; when it is done working, Add to
it half a pound of Ginger, half an Ounce of Cloves, as much Mace
an Ounce of Nutmeggs and as much Mace, an Ounce of Nutmeggs
and as much Cinamon grossly Beaten, half a pound of Citron
as much Eringo* Root, and likewise of Candid** Orange Peel
let the Sweetmeat be cut in Pieces very thin, and put with
the Spice into a Bag, and hang it in the Vessell when you
Stop it up, So let it stand till ’tis Fine then Bottle it up
and Drink it with Lumps of double Refine Sugar in the Glass

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Transcribed by JMCN and CTW