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Image 330 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

To make Daffy’s Elixir
Take of Elecompane*-Roots Sliced}of each} Put all these in a Glass Bottle
& Liquorish Slic’d }2 oz } of a Gallon, adding to it 3 quarts
Annaseeds } of White Annaseed water: Stop the
Coriander Seeds} of each } Bottle, and let it stand infusing four
Carraway Seeds } 2 oz } days, stirring it Strongly three or four
Oriental } } Hours times a day, then strain it off
Senna } of each 2 oz } and put it into Bottles corked very well.
Guaiacum Bruised} } You must take it Morning and Evening
Rubarb. 1 oz } three Spoonfulls going to Bed, and
Saffron. One Dram } as much in the Morning, according as
Raisons of the Sun stoned One Pound } you find it work. I Requires not much
Care in Diet, not keeping within: But you must keep Warm and Drink
something after it hs Work’d-
This Elixir is excellent good for the Colick, the Gravel in the
Kidneys, the Dropsy, the Griping of the Gutts, or any Obstruction
in the Bowels-It purgeth Two or Three times a day.

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN