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Image 328 (unnumbered folio), five receipts

Cold For the Stranguary*
Take Rosemary } & Boil it in Small Ale, Take three Spoonfulls of the
& Slic’d Liquorish} & Sweeten it with treakle Jouce of Camomile in a Small
And Drink it going to Bed-Four & 5 Nights Glass of White Wine, thrice a
together day, for Three Days together
Soar Throat For the Stranguary
The Jouce of Houseleek* Take half a pint of Pal
Add an Equal Quantity of Honey Plantane-Water, One Ounce
A Little Burnt Allam* of White Sugar Candy
Mix these together & take on a Liquorish stick finely powder’d, Two Spoonfulls
of Sallad Oil, and the
Dropsy Jouce of a Lemon
2 oz House Reddish* Roots beat all these together
2 oz Sweet Fennell Roots very Well, & Drink it off
2 oz Sweet Fennell Seeds
Tops of Thyme } ½ Palatine Water
Winter Savery } 1.oz. White Sugar Candy
Sweet Marjoram} Of Each a Handfull 2. Spoonfulls of Salad-Oil
Water-cresses } Jouce of a Lemon
Nettle Topps } Beat altogether
Very Well, & Drink it off
Wiped and Shred Small, Boil these in three Pints
of Spring Water, a Quart of Sack, and a Pint of
White Wine, cover it Close, and let it Boil-
till half be Consumed, then take it off the Fire
and let it stand to Settle three Hours, then strain
it out, and to every Draught put an Ounce of
the Syrup of the Five Roots which you have-
Ready made at an Apothecarys-Take this in
a Mornings Fasting Fasting & at 3 o Clock in the
after noon & fast 3. Houres after it-If the party
have the Scurvey (which Usually goes with the Dropsy)
then Add a Spoonfull of the Jouce of Scurvey Grass, to each Draught

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN