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To Pickle Samphire
Pick your Samphire from Dead or Widdred Wither’d Branches
lay it in a Bell – metal* or Brass Pott then put in a Pint of
Water and a Pint of Vinegar, so do till your Pickle is an
Inch above your Samphire; have a Lid fit for the Pott
and Paste it close down, that no Steam may go out, keep it
in Boiling an Hour, take it off, and cover it with Old
Sacks, or any other Cloaths, under, over and all about the
Pott; when its Cold, put it up in Tubbs or Potts the Best
by itself; the Great Stalks lay upmost in Boiling, it will
keep the cooler and Better. The Vinegar you use must be
the Best.
To take Meldew out of Linnen
Take Soap and Rub it on very Well, then Scrape Chalk
very fine, and Rub that in Well, and lay it on the Grass
and as it dries – Wet it a Little, and at Once or Twice
doing it will come out.
Mountain Wine
Pick out the Big Stalks of your Mallaga Raisins then
chop them very Small, Five pounds to every Gallon
of Cold Spring Water, let them Steep a Fortnight or more
Squease out the Liquor and barrel it in a Vessell fit
for it; First Fume the Vessell with Brimstone,
don’t stop it up, till the hissing is over.

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Transcribed by LF and JW