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Image 287 (unnumbered folio). 3 receipts

To Pickle Rocksamphire
Wash it in Salt and Water and Clean them, Then put ym in 3 gills of
Water, Take One Gill of Beer Vinegar and put it in a pan with
a Little Salt, Set it on the Fire and let it Boil and then put in
your Samphire but do not let them Boil together but heat Well
so cover your Pan very Close and let no Steam come out
put in a Bit of Alam*. let them hang on the Fire till they
be Green it will be first Yellow and then Green for your
Pickle take White Wine vinegar, Blackpepper, & Clove pepper.
_ _ _
To Pickle Kidney Beans
Boil Water and Salt together and Pour it on your Beans till
they be first Yellow, and then Green, then put them amongst
Boiling Vinegar, with pepper & Ginger and they will be as
Green as Grass
To Pickle Oysters and Cockles
Take your Oysters and open them but have a Care you Splitt not
the Oysters, Save the Pickle let it stand to Settle, then Clear it off
into a pann put in some White Wine Vinegar, Mace, and whole
pepper, let your Liquour Boil and Skim it it well, put in your
Oysters, then let them Stew a Quarter of an Hour, then take
them out, and when your Pickle is cold put ym up

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