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Image 284 (unnumbered folio), various receipts

Pumatum {{Hyra Pyere *
2. Drams of White Wine } Put into a Bottle
A Table Spoonfull of Rose water } of Good White Wine
A Dram of the Essence of Lemmon } for the Gout or
Put into an Earthen Pott } Rumatizem }}
Boil & Scim it }
Pour it into a mold }
Hearbs to put into Two Gallons of New Ale for the Spring
Water Cresses }
Brookelime } David Wright
Bitney* } Gardiner
Tansey } Lowick *
Sweet Horeshound – paules}
Bitney }
Elder Budds }
Tea- Grundive* }
Wild Sage }
Sweet Evens* } Off Each Half a Handfull
Rueberb }
Alicompain }
Reades } Off Each Half a pund
Dandelion }
Angilica }
Dwarf Elders }
Elianor Mitchinson
Snake Root Bitters Bowdon*
Coch=oneal E: Browns
Brandy Earb Gatheress

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

An entry outlined like this has a note which may be seen by hovering over it.

Transcribed by LF and JW