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Inage 273, seventh book, folio 144a, four unnumbered receipts

for the green sicknes* .fo. 144.
Take a pint of pure stone hony* and clarify it very cleer
puting therto the iucy ieuse* of a handfull of hearb grace**
a handfull of a Sage vertue* beat all these well together then
straine them, and so mixe all these together with a good
quantity of the powder of peper: and let the patient ever
every morning and evening drinke therof one sponefull
and a halfe blood warme, and fast 3 howers after if she
drinke it in her bed and sleep after it it is the better
she must not drinke anything in halfe an hower befor
she take it at night be sure it is the last thing she taks be
for she sleeps you need not make any more of it for this
quantity will cure her though it apeare not presently
the more she walketh the better good it doth her by halfe
this hath holpen* all as ever used it.
A medcent* to heal a wen*
Make powder of unslaked lime and mixe it with blacke
sope* and anoynt any wen ther with and the wen will
fall away and when the roote is come out anoynt it
with oyle of balme* and it will heale it pefectly
Excelent pills that helpes the heade
ache brings gladnesse and are good
for the sight
Take Aloes Epaticum* fower drames, bryanye* mastick* myrh*
Asarabaucha*, Scamony* of each a drame: myxe the same
made first in powder very fine, with the iuice* of fennell
and a little clarified hony to preserve them: take a drame
therof: which is the weight of threescore and twelve barly
cornes at the most early in the morning and nether eat
nor drinke of 3 or 4 howers after, if they be given nyne
days together they help marveilously, thy are excelent
for all head ache of what maner soever aproved though
never so long rooted they purge all umers* they bring glad
nesse they are good for the sight they preserve the minde
letting or hindering the hoarnines* of haires: they help the
swimminge of the head and the megrim* and heales the
sounding of the eares but to the weker sort of persons
give the lesser quantitie make it into five or six litle
round pills or bals and swallow them one after another
at one time they are proved to be very good
A medison for the bitting of any venemous beast amd
venemouse shots of darts or arrows
take Laser worte* and taken inwardly, and aplyed outwarly
to the wounds healpeth I mean the roots stamped* and aplyed
This aplied with and hony tha taketh away cornes after they
have bine first scarified with a knife

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Transcribed by GB and KS