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Image 272, seventh book, folio 143b, one unnumbered receipt

An excelent medison for a
Take the sole lether of an ould showe or more
ould showe lether and lay it on a cleane herth
and set it afier with fier brand of oke wood
to kindle the lether, as sone as they be kindled take
the oken stick as cleane as you can leaving non
of the coles behind you, and let the sols with
the lether burne as long as long as ther will
continue any fier in them until they be all
burned to ashes, and if ther be any black coles
not converted to ashes cast them a way or burn
them to ashes but in any case let the lether be
very dry and cleane before you burne it
and then put to the ashes of the lether as much
green copperious* unburned as the quantitie of
the ashes also the good coole* which may be found
in the smiths coole the quarter waite of the ashes,
and of roche allome* half as much as the ashes bei
ing grind all these severall by them selvs between tow
marble stones as the painter doth his collers in-
to very fine powder, so done mingle them all well
together and grind them over againe, so done
keep the powder in a parchment close, ten or
twelve weeks, when you haue occation to use
any of it, use it as followeth: take the creame
of one cowes milke in the morning which you
must fleet* twice and let it stand untill night
then fleet the creame of it againe and you shall
find under the creame a greene watter which
you must take away then take a sponfull of the
creame and lay it on a trencher, and to every spone
full of the creame put as much of the foresaid
powder as you can take up between your finger
and your thumb, and disolve it thorowly* in the cream
with a knife so doe, when you are to us it, make a tent* of
fine linen cloth almost an inch long and put it into the
hole of the sore, you must let the tente be but an inch long
at the most though the woond be never so deep it will
serch to the botton if the tent be to long it will make it
come out in pushes therfore you must be carefull
this is also good to hele any deep woond and hath
bine often proved

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Transcribed by GB and KS