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Image 271, seventh book, folio 143a, three unnumbered receipts

A notable secret for all incur- .fo.143.
-able aches
Take all the whole horne that a bucke castes the
Latter the better caste a way the scawpe*, take nothing
but the horne cut the same in peeces then seeth* the
same in a gallon of faire watter until all be come
to a pinte or something more, then cast a way the peeces
of horne, and that in the vesall stand until it be colde
which then wilbe like a Jelley and when you use it
warme some of it in a sacer* or some other convenient
thing, and then anoynt the greeved* place therwith
by the fire morning and evening and Lett it drinke
in by the heat of the fire and it will helpe and heale
it throughly for ever god willing within 9 or 10 dres-
sings this is very true and well proved, this a freind of
mine tould me that helped himselfe of such an ache that
nether councell of physition practise of surgeons nor
yet the Longe using of the bathes could ease.
An excelent receit for the itch or
Leprosie or any such umer*
Take sixe pennyworth of black soap tow pennyworth
of ginger finely powdered, tow pennyworth of brim-
stone* finely powdered, mixe theise three together very
well and so aply it and rube it well in by a fire
To make a greene salve to heale
any sore made of Inglish
Take a good handfull of Inglishe tobacow greene and
camamyle camill
somewhat more a handfull of cammyle flowers and
all a handfull of Sowthern wood* a handfull of va
felaryon* and a little balme, chope the hearbs somwhat
small and take a pound and a quarter of fresh butter
out of the cherne never washed boyle the erbs earbs
in the butter a good while and when they be well
boyled put it in a corse cloth and straine it wring
out all the substance and then sett it over the
fire and put in halfe a pound of pure vallow* wax
and halfe a pound of the clearest paffin you can get
and 4 ounces of Turpintine then let them all boyl to
gether but the turpintin that put in last then strain
it againe and keepe it for your use

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Transcribed by GB and KS