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Image 257, seventh book, Folio 136a, three unnumbered receipts

An aproved rare drinke for a .fo.136.
horse that hath the Fations*
you must Take of Lapis Tusha Tusha* one ounce, and an ounce of
put in the pow- lapis Caluminaris,* and halfe an ounce of salt of tarter**
ders after the beat all these into a fine powder, then take a handfull
all and hearbs of rew* otherwayes called herb-grace and a handfull
is boyled and taken rosemary tops
from the fier of sage and cut them smale boyle them altogether in
a quarte of stronge ale tell a third . part be wasted./.
You must tie the horse that he must not eat any
thing all the night before you give him this drench
then in the morning about sixe of the cloke give
it him and let him nether eat nor drinke till
sixe a cloke the sam day at night then give him
a good mesh* you must keepe him in the stable all day
An excelent receite for the
cough or for a consumtion
Take a good handfull of the leaves of the great
dayse otherwise called maudline wort* and
boyle it in in a quart of milke till allmost
half the milk be boyled a way, and take som
of it at might* warme before you goe to bed
and in the morning fasting, probatum est
An excelent receit for sore eyes
to clear the sight and
take away any felon*
Take som [?]salt and tye it hard up in a ragg and
set it on some thing so near the fier as it may burn
as long as you perceve it to crakle and when it has
done crakling take it from the fier and scrape the blac[?k]
out sid from it then take the cleanest of it and with
a knife do it into very fine powder then take as muc
much of the powder as you can lay on a groat and
put it in a spoonfull of hony and stire it together and
set it on some colls* of fier till it boyle up then take it
of presently and scime* it cleane with a fether and
then put the clearest of it into a violl* glas and so keep
it for your us you must drope a drope at night
and an other in the morning and so continue till
it be well

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN